Deception technology

that detects what

others miss. 

Easily deploy decoys on your network to lure attackers to reveal themselves within minutes and with no friction. 

Lupovis is an AI-based deception solution that deploys active decoys turning your network from a flock of sheep to a pack of wolves where the hunter becomes the hunted.


Turn the tables on attackers 

Only 28% of a SOC analyst's time is spent on pursuing real threats. The noise and alert fatigue makes it difficult to spot an advanced attacker moving through the network.  


Lupovis reduces alert fatigue and strengthen your network by enticing attackers and leading them away from crown jewels


Save costs 

Through Early Detection 

Augment Engagement

Extend Business Continuity 

Automatically Map Your Network

Full Vision of your Infrastructure 

No Superficial Alerts

Reduce Alert Fatigue



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