Network visibility

Universities around the world are facing an increase in cyber-attacks, such as ransomware and advanced persistent threats.
The threats faced by the sector are exacerbated by the pandemic and distance learning. Institutions are home to significant volumes of sensitive data, from students and staff, to intellectual property from world-leading research. These stakes make education a prime target for ransomware and other cyber threats.

By researchers for education

Higher Education chooses Lupovis active defence solutions for protecting students, staff and intellectual property. As Lupovis is the fruition of 2 years of research in a leading UK institution and understands the need of the sector like no-one else.

Risk Visibility

Unequaled infrastructure visibility by deploying an active defence strategy and gaining threat intelligence.

Tactical Security and Response

Reduce the risk for a fraction of the cost and detect what others missed before it’s too late.

Ransomware and APT Detection and Response

Best in class prevention and detection of threats.

Detect, deceive, deny

Identify incidents fast

The average breach in the education sector takes 210 days to contain. While the long dwell time represents an increased risk for the sector for students, staff and project partners.
The lack of assets visibility, the large student and staff population, the remote and bring your own device paradigm, make the education sector a prime target for financially-motivated threat actors.

“The ability to deploy and forget under an hour is astonishing – Lupovis not only allowed us to identify unknown unknowns, they provided a peace of mind.”

IT Manager in Higher Education

“Realizing that we could get visibility in our IT and OT network is a game changer. We were sold straight away.”

CISO in Manufacturing

“Having the ability to prioritize threats, understand attacker’s tactics techniques and procedures has been critical for us. Having the ability to correlate threats with what came from the SOC also helped us improve our alerts without lifting a finger”

Threat Intelligence Analyst in Finance

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