Our Mission

We enable you to gain the upper hand

Lupovis is pioneering network and cloud security, by fighting a different battle than conventional cybersecurity companies.
Lupovis focuses on protecting organizations using active defence. We deceive and trick adversaries. We turn the table on attackers and detract them from your crown jewels.

Our Story

In 2019 a consortium of defence and private organizations approached Dr Bellekens and his team to investigate the best ways to detect and identify in-network attackers, as they believed a breach may have gone undetected. There were no record of what had happened and no way to identify or narrow down suspects. From this disaster, the scientists saw an opportunity to leverage cyber deception and active defence technology, as data was becoming more valuable than ever.
In 2021 Dr Bellekens and Prof Andonovic founded Lupovis to give organization more visibility into their network, identify adversaries, and provide organizations with alert fidelity.
Fast-forward to today, ransomware and security breaches have become daily information. Most breaches still go undetected for long periods of time. This is why, at Lupovis, we make visibility your priority.

We are more than a Team, we are Lupovis

Our Team

Xavier Bellekens

Co-Founder and CEO

Ivan Andonovic

Co-Founder and CSO

Angela Brown


Jamie Graves

Non-Executive Director

Derick James

Chairman of the Board


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Whether you have a specific security issue or are looking for more information on our Deception as a Service platform, simply request a call back with one of our security experts, at a time that suits you.