Lupovis joins the NCSC for Startups

Lupovis has been chosen to help the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) solve some of the UK’s most important cyber challenges.

We’ll be working with NCSC, Plexal and industry partners across the UK to develop solutions to the UK’s biggest cybersecurity challenges.

NCSC for Startups is a government programme bringing together innovative startups with NCSC technical expertise. The programme that helped more than 40 tech companies raise over £100m in external investment.  Thus far, only 5 other companies have successfully completed the program.

Lupovis CEO, Xavier Bellekens explained, “We are proud to be recognised as cyber innovators. As a leader in cyber deception, Lupovis will be working in partnership with Deloitte, CyNam, Hub8, and QA to solve some of the UK’s most important cyber challenges.

“We are looking forward to shaping technical solutions and working in collaboration with some of the brightest minds in our industry.”

Joining us on the programme are:

  • Traced: Traced believes that privacy is a human right. And it’s created a mobile threat defence solution that provides protection against mobile-borne threats to businesses, without compromising people’s privacy.
  • RankedRight: An automated triage system that ranks and assigns vulnerabilities based on your rules, enabling your team to spend their time tackling the most critical or high-risk issues.
  • ESProfiler: A platform to help organisations maximise return on their cyber security investments, increasing efficiency and security. It helps customers understand what security products they own, what they have deployed, and the threats those products should protect against.

Lupovis provide pro-active security by deploying deception assets inside and outside of your network. Leading to a strengthened security posture, advanced threat intelligence, and high-fidelity alerts when breached.

Our bold combination of active defence and offensive countermeasures strategies reduce the effects of high-impact breaches, like ransomware, and advanced persistent threats.


For more information, contact Xavier Bellekens

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