Denial, Deception, and Drinks: Planning for Deception Ops with MITRE Engage

13 March 2023 | by Xavier Bellekens

Recently, participated in a MITRE Engage podcast focused on deception planning.

What is Mitre Engage?

MITRE Engage™ is a framework for adversary engagement operations that empowers you to engage your adversaries and achieve your cybersecurity goals.

The MITRE Engage team aims at fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing among cybersecurity professionals and enthusiasts. The team also creates a variety of resources such as podcasts, webinars, and other interactive events, and invites subject-matter experts and thought leaders in the cybersecurity industry.

In this podcast we discuss how and where to place deceptive assets, and why it is essential to discuss planning ahead of deployment.

However, here is a quick summary of some of the topics we explored:

  1. Maximizing deception effectiveness:
  2. Reducing the risk of detection:
  3. Minimizing impact on normal network operations:
  4. Optimizing resource utilization:

In summary, planning how and where to place deceptive assets is essential for effective cyber deception planning because it maximizes their effectiveness. It also reduces the risk of detection, minimizes their impact on normal network operations, and optimizes resource utilization.

13 March 2023 | by Xavier Bellekens

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